Since 2009 in the coffee capsule business, Sarong is now in the top 20 compatible capsules suppliers worldwide ranking, but actively working to escalate to higher positions!
Sarong is also supplier of coffee capsule machinery to several major European roasters.

Sarong can offer its customers complete packaging lines for coffee capsules consisting of thermoforming, assembly and filling & sealing machines (and also cartoning and end-of-line on request), in addition to the supply as a Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO)of the most renowned capsules in circulation and of the materials to thermoform and to seal them.

Hence, Sarong is capable to provide real turn-key solutions and services to coffee roasters, fillers, and capsule suppliers, representing a unique one-stop-shop in the market of coffee, tea and soluble products in capsule.


Sarong's Coffee Machinery Value Proposition

Sarong thermoforming solutions
Sarong can provide thermoforming machines with an output from 200 up to 700 capsules per minute, being able to process both plastic and compostable materials.

Sarong assembly machines
Sarong assembly machines are supplied with either conventional or magnetic motion technology, with an output up to 700 capsules per minute. Complete integration with thermoforming and/or filling and sealing machines.

Sarong filling & sealing machines
Sarong filling and sealing machines are capable of an output from 50 to 800-1000 capsules per minute. Like Assembly Machines, Sarong supplies a range of both conventional and magnetic motion technology machines.

Thermforming Machines

  • From 200 to 700 capsules/min.
  • Advantage of capsule in-house production
  • Processing plastic and compostable materials on the same line
  • Co-development of proprietary capsules
  • Re-sale of scrap material
  • Integration with assembly, filling-sealing and secondary packaging machines

Filling & Sealing Machines

  • From 50 to 800-1000 capsules/min
  • Conventional or magnetic motion technology
  • Suitable for the most popular capsules
  • Filling of coffee, tea and solubles
  • Innovative filling technology
  • Output scalability!
  • Integration with assembly and secondary packaging machines


Sarong S.p.A., thanks to its technological knowledge of raw materials and packaging films and its competence in thermoforming FFS and filling & sealing machines, is in the best condition to suggest and supply the right plastic materials to thermoform plastic capsules:

  • PP

and the lid foils having the right mechanical and chemical characteristics to be sealed onto any type of capsule.

  • Alu
  • Other multilayer foils

Furthermore, thanks to its R&D Dept. Sarong can support its customers in finding the right product filling and lid sealing conditions, being manufacturer of thermoforming FFS and Fill & Seal machines for capsules.


Sarong Coffee Capsules Value Proposition

Sarong S.p.A., thanks to its experience and expertise is the ideal partner to meet the different needs of Roasters, Fillers and Co-packers who need high quality empty coffee capsules to be filled/sealed in their own factories.

Actually, Sarong is already in the top 20 compatible capsules suppliers worldwide ranking, but actively working to escalate to higher positions!

Sarong S.p.A, constantly monitoring all new capsules proposed on the market and being a forerunner of new technical solutions, is capable to produce a wide range of compatible capsules of the highest quality, in its internal production facilities.


As result of the strategical decision to become an even more important player in the field of compatible capsules suppliers, Sarong has organized a state-of-the-art internal aluminum capsule production facility including:

  • Aluminum capsule deep draw press to produce our Nespresso® compatible aluminum capsules from aluminum coils.
    The mould and the other capsule-specific devices of this press can be changed over in order to produce different aluminum capsules;
  • Sealing Ring Assembly machines to attach the sealing paper ring below the capsule’s rim
  • End-of-line packaging
  • Quality Assurance Lab
  • Warehouse and logistic areas

Having the entire production line under control at our premises together with long-term aluminum coil purchase agreements ensure the reliability of Sarong’s ALUMINUM CAPSULE SUPPLY CHAIN, as a clear advantage for our customers.


Sarong has a consolidated business for Nespresso® compatible capsules in its dedicated facility which includes:

  • High output thermoforming machines to produce our patented Nespresso® compatible plastic capsule from multilayer plastic reels.
    The moulds and the other capsule-specific devices of these machines can be changed over in order to produce different plastic capsules;
  • End-of-line packaging
  • Quality Assurance Lab;
  • Warehouse and logistic areas.

Nespresso® Compatible Capsules*
The Nespresso® Compatible Capsules* are available in 3 different materials: from the brand new aluminum capsule, to the traditional plastic capsule to the innovative compostable capsule, in order to offer to our customers the best solution according to each specific end market.

Focus on aluminum coffee capsules: The Sarong value proposition to solve the ongoing issues:

  • Increasing at-home coffee consumption, especially with SINGLE-SERVE solutions.
  • Meet the fast-growing demand for high-end compatible capsules as similar in all respects to the original both in quality and aesthetics.
  • Aluminum is the packaging solution that most help the premiumization of Coffee Brands- Aluminum, being 100% recyclable, is the answer to the ever increasing market demand for sustainability solutions and circular economy
  • Furthermore Aluminum provides the maximum barrier to water vapor, oxygen and light thus allowing much longer shelf life

Nespresso® Compatible Aluminum Capsule, with a unique and elegant shape, offers the following advantages:

> perfectly sustainable solution as aluminum is 100% recyclable
> ideal for the premiumization of coffee brands
> maximum compatibility with the entire range of Nespresso coffee machines
> maximum barrier from external agents (oxygen, water and light).
> best supply chain and best raw materials and films
> excellent results in extensive brewing testing vs. all competitors' capsules (front and back water leakage, brewing time, etc.)
> no stacking problem in the coffee machine
> available in different colors, and customizable with graphics and embossing
> Freedom To Operate (FTO) available.
> Already launched in the marketplace through major coffee roasters

Nespresso® Compatible Plastic Capsule is thermoformed in PP/EVOH/PP with aluminum bottom, developed and patented by Sarong S.p.A., and offers the following advantages:

> maximum compatibility with all Nespresso coffee machines
> high barrier from external agents (oxygen, water, light)
> best supply chain and best raw materials and films
> excellent results in extensive brewing testing vs. all competitors' capsules (front and back water leakage, brewing time, etc.)
> no stacking problem in the coffee machine
> available in different colors.

DOLCE GUSTO® Compatible Capsules

The DOLCE GUSTO® Compatible Capsule is thermoformed in PP/EVOH/PP and designed in two different configurations, for coffee and for soluble powder products, self-protected featuring very high oxygen, water vapor and light barrier.
Developed and patented by Sarong S.p.A, it is designed to obtain an optimal coffee extraction and for use on a wide range of soluble drinks.

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