It is not just support, it’s about SOLUTIONS!

SARONG SERVICE SOLUTION TOOLS are conceived to keep your equipment in the best running conditions, to maintain productivity and yield at the top, to extend the life cycle of your machines, to reduce the risk of unexpected downtime and to provide you with spare parts, change parts and technical solutions in the shortest time.


This is what really impacts the TOTAL COST of OWNERSHIP (TCO) of your equipment!

SARONG SERVICE SOLUTION TOOLS are conceived to maximize your thermoforming machine performance.
For this reason we developed the following Service Solutions Tools:
“Core Services”, “Maintenance Solutions”, “Retro & Fit” and “Expert Solutions”.

When you need an answer, when you need to find out a quick solution to keep your equipment up and running at the best conditions, you can always count on our technical expertise. Over the phone or by email our skilled technicians will answer your questions, analyze the root cause of your issues, provide you with the right solution and identify the necessary spare parts or technical adjustments.


Sometimes you will need more than an answer over the phone, so SARONG specialists can solve your problems by remote connecting to your equipment, re-setting the ideal working conditions and/or providing the necessary upgrade. In this way, we can normally solve 80% of your problems in a very secure and privacy-respectful way.


As best practice, SARONG always suggest to keep machine critical spare parts at your site or to plan the replacement of wear parts and consumables. SARONG is always committed to provide you with the proper spare parts and consumables whether they are SARONG original parts or from 3rd parties. Our spare parts are certified and guaranteed according to the most recent EU standards.

When you want to reduce the risk or anticipate downtimes, SARONG technicians are available to come over to your site and to provide a complete equipment inspection.
During the diagnostic visit, the equipment will undergo an accurate check-up that:
> verifies the general state of the machine;
> assesses the machine conditions and analyses past anomalies;
> draws attention to the degree of wear of the components: Maintenance Kit;
> suggests a maintenance plan.


Preventing breakdowns means reducing maintenance costs, ensuring full efficiency to your machine and extending as much as possible the lifetime of its components. SARONG technicians perfectly know your thermoforming machine and their parts’ life cycle: this is why SARONG advise you to subscribe to our Sarong Preventive Maintenance Program.

Subscribing to SARONG PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE PROGRAM, you will receive:
> detailed assessment, accurate machine check up and reports;
> scheduled visits (2 to 3 times per year, according to your production plans);
> expert advises;
> spare parts replacement.


If you have a large installed machine base, SARONG can offer you the Full Maintenance Program, customized to your specific needs and requests.

When you need to optimize machine performance and to maintain the quality of the thermoformed output and its long-term consistency, SARONG technicians will come on site to make the necessary measurements, and to adjust and fine tune your machine settings in order to enhance its performances and to control the quality of your product.


To keep up with technical advances, a complete refurbishment is suggested for machines which have been running for more than 25,000 hours or have exceeded 10 years of production. Refurbishment normally entails the following:

> Complete machine’s disassembly;
> Replacement of obsolete parts with updated ones;
> Replacement of electrical and pneumatic circuits;
> Replacement of old control cabinet with new PLC-cabinet;
> Replacement of the HMI;
> Start-up.

SARONG is committed to providing solutions that reduce the time needed for machine maintenance and help you plan the predictive maintenance which is performed by means of sensors which send signals processed by a software that alerts the final user about the status of the machine. The software and its implementation onto our equipment have been developed internally, aiming to ensure perfect functioning over time.


Your competitiveness in production and costs is driven by your people. As they develop their knowledge, skills and experience, they have a better understanding of your equipment and are able to run it to its full potential. That’s why SARONG organize on-site training courses. SARONG’s most skilled technicians will help you taking the best out of your equipment and eventually suggest the most efficient way to run your production.


Whenever you need to relocate your equipment, SARONG technicians are ready to support you. From the disassembly phase to the re-installation phase, SARONG offer you a complete Relocation plan including a new Site Acceptance Test, supporting your people in the new start-up and rump-up phase.


SARONG will assist you with expert technicians whenever you need to qualify your machine according to the latest GAMP standards: QPP, DS, FS, RA, IQ, calibration, OQ, PQ software qualification, documents and certificates, or CFR 21 part 11 protocol.



Combining your ideas with our expertise in machinery, packaging materials and contract packing to produce innovation.


Sarong has been created around a business model which is different from all other competitors, as it is based on its 3 synergistic activities.


We carefully keep your projects aligned with our concepts, which are based on creating sustainable custom packaging tailored to your needs.