SARONG R&D represents the driving force of the company for all its businesses and markets, propelling the innovations needed for the long-term vision of its shareholders


Due to our unique business model, our R&D specialists are knowledgeable experts of packaging machinery, packaging materials and contract packing/manufacturing, so they are ready to collaborate with you, joining forces for innovative projects including patentable end-market products that meet your expectations in terms of aesthetics, sustainability and performances.


Together we can make the difference and generate innovations both for our packaging machines and for your final product!


We have a dedicated R&D organization with experienced and skilled personnel that can propose you an existing solution or can study with you an innovative proposal for a proprietary system. Our R&D facility features testing devices, pilot tools, coffee brewing machines and lab equipments.

Tailor Made Solutions

SARONG R&D experts can develop new change parts/conversion kits to be implemented onto an existing model of our machines, but can also develop new concepts that can generate brand new models of machine to produce your new end-market product or an existing product using new and/or sustainable materials previously tested in our R&D facility.

New Products

If you need to develop a new product concept and translate it into drawings and deliverables, SARONG R&D experts are ready to assist you from A to Z! According to our internal procedures, we start by making a careful patent analysis, then if the feedback is positive we go ahead with the design of the container with our technical Dept., then we produce a pilot tool enabling our customers to receive in a very short time samples for lab tests purposes and subsequently market tests (using existing or new/sustainable materials) in order to minimize the time to market, while ensuring quality and repeatability on production machines.

New Materials

SARONG R&D experts are always up to date on new technologies and new and sustainable materials and make their own studies and trials to propose innovative solutions to our customers. We can support you in trying new materials for cost-saving, for complying with new regulations or for sustainability purposes, (e.g. recyclability and compostability). The new materials are tested first in our R&D Department using a dedicated pilot tool and/or in our Machine Manufacturing Dept. using a standard production machine and eventually setting your Sarong packaging machine accordingly.

Apart from all kind of thermoformable PLASTICS, which are part of our history and reputation, Sarong is now in position to offer the market capsules made of ALUMINUM. Actually, we have developed our own Nespresso compatible aluminum coffee capsule, which is being produced in-house taking advantage of the best available partners for machinery and materials. Several major coffee roasters are already using our capsule, as an aesthetic and sustainable solution, perfectly compatible with all Nespresso coffee machines with outstanding brewing test results.


Last, but not least, Sarong is developing the ultimate solution for sustainability: FORMABLE PAPER! This is going to be a real game-changer in the world of packaging as it can be applied to different end-products and markets. Sarong can be your turn-key supplier of packaging lines for this innovative packaging material.


SARONG own almost 60 patents for both machines and final products that developed in our R&D Department along the years, alone or in strategic partnership with our customers.


This includes patents for closed systems (e.g. coffee capsules)


SARONG SPA has established, implemented, update and continually improve a Quality Management Systems and Food Defence, including the processes needed and their interactions, in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and FSSC22000 v.5.1 for the production of containers intended food contact.



Over the last years, Sarong has adopted several improvements to reduce the environmental impact of its activities.


Sarong has been created around a business model which is different from all other competitors, as it is based on its 3 synergistic activities.


We carefully keep your projects aligned with our concepts, which are based on creating sustainable custom packaging tailored to your needs.