Easyline is the most suitable thermoforming option for medium production. The machine is equipped with chiller, oven and capsule cutting module.


With Sarong’s thermoforming machines it is possible to adjust both the pre-heating temperature of the plastic material as well as the pressure operated by them, processing both plastic and compostable materials. Change over operations are easy and quick. The capsule molding process is regulated by a servo motor as well as all the main working motions. This manufacturing criteria allows high accuracy, which is kept costant along the time, high process reliability, reduced maintenance and limited compressed air consumption. Sarong’s thermoforming solutions allow to considerably reduce the final scraps of plastic material after capsules’ blanking.

The aluminum and plexiglass structure of our thermoforming equipments favors the visibility of all components around the machine perimeter and easy access to the machine and its components. Sarong can integrate filling-sealing and  secondary packaging equipments to the Easyline thermoforming machine, allowing the complete production (from capsule manufacturing to final packaging) in a single line.



– reel width: max 260 mm
– external diameter reel: max 800 mm
– max advancement step: 180 mm
– drawing depth: max 50 mm
– cycles per minute: max 25

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