MAGNETA: filling & sealing machine with independent magnetic shuttles, available in 400, 800, 1000 capsules per minute versions.


The MAGNETIC SHUTTLE system offers high levels of FLEXIBILITY and EFFICIENCY and a unique plus, that no other provider of this kind of equipment can offer: SCALABILITY!


Sarong’s breakthrough innovation for filling and sealing any type of aluminum, plastic and compostable capsules to be filled with coffee powder, tea leaves and soluble products.
With Magneta, Sarong replaces the traditional belt or chain conveying system – conventionally used to transport capsules through the machine – with independent magnetic shuttles powered by a linear motor.

Some of the benefits arising from such a breakthrough technology are:

> Extremely Compact footprint
> Flexibility to work with different capsules and products
> Scalability: from one to two/three lanes the output doubles/almost triples within the same footprint
> Easy and fast changeover
> Reduced maintenance due to lack of mechanical transmission elements
> Maximum permanent position accuracy of the shuttles under each process station, which is crucial for top quality assembly operation
> Easy access to working stations for adjustment, cleaning and maintenance
> Working stations tool-less removal
> Optimization of capsule rejection

> Fully automated empty capsules feeding system (robot)
> «Coffee fines» control system
> Optimization of nitrogen consumption for longer product shelf life
> Nitrogen homogeneous distribution inside the capsule
> Capsule rim and holder cleaning : system which cleans not only the capsule rim but also the capsule holder
> Innovative system for capsule filling, pressing and cleaning
> Adjustable sealing heads: guaranteed planarity
> Optimization of film Consumption (TOP LID SCRAP):
> Capsule rejection optimization system in case of out-of-weight or equipment downtime

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