Automatic vertical FFS machine for packaging up to 22.000 suppositories/ovules per hour in cavities made of aluminum (cold forming process) or plastic (thermoforming process).


The SAAS 9 AP is a robust machine, designed to achieve high production rate, low noise levels, safe and hygienic performances. The machine is equipped with a PAC (Programmable Automation Controller) and a PC, from which all machine functions are controlled and monitored.


> Optimized process allowing no waste during production and in case of machine stop;


> Cavity forming station set for aluminum foil (by cold forming: punch and matrix system) or for plastic films (by thermoforming); the forming stations for aluminum foil and for plastic films are modular and easily interchangeable;


> Sealing of the two films, in aluminum or plastic material: this method perfectly copies the profile of the cavity, ensuring uniform sealing, thus determining consistency in the “peeling-off” force to open the package;


> The product is filled into the container by a volumetric filling pump. filling volume is automatically set through HMI;


> Cooling unit for product solidification, available in 2 or 4 cooling stages; the continuous suppository band is fed through a spiral path where it is cooled by filtered air on both sides, until the suppositories are perfectly solidified;

> The continuous band allows setting any number of suppositories for pack;+


> Easy connection to any horizontal cartoning machine by means of the CT1 link-up unit.


> Max. Output: 22.000 suppositories/h


> Packaging materials:
– Plastic film: PE, PVC/PVDC/PE
– Aluminum foil: ALU/PE, PP/ALU/PE


> Max Ø film reel: 490 mm
> Product tank: 80 L, electrical heating, double – jacketed
> Filling volume range: 0,5 – 3,6 ml


> Cooling Time:

  • No. 2 cooling stages: 9 min. approx. (2 x 4,5)
  • No. 4 cooling stages: 18 min. approx. (4 x 4,5)

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