Automatic vertical Thermoform, Fill & Seal machine for high output: up to 48.000 unit doses/ hour in containers made of plastic thermoformable materials for liquids in ultra-clean/sterile environment.


Sarong’s SD15 is the first vertical thermoform-fill-seal machine especially designed for packaging unit doses of pharma liquid products in ultra-clean and sterile conditions.


The packaging material is fed through reels of thermoforming plastics and it may be colored or printed.


The container is thermoformed through heat, pressure and compressed air in the forming mold having shape and dimensions designed for each specific application.


Filling range: 0.2-15 ml (this range covers most of pharmaceutical unit-dose sizes)
Reel width: 50-90 mm
Reel Outer Diameter: max 490 mm
Reel Core Diameter: 76 mm
Pitch: 235-250 mm
Forming Depth: max 15 mm on each side
Speed: up to 40 cycles/minute
Max Output: 48.000 unit doses/h


Plastic films: PET/PE, PET/EVOH/PE, PS/PE, PS/EVOH/PE, PVC/PE, PVC/PVDC/PE, PVC/PVDC/PP, PET/PP, mono-materials based on Polyethylene (Poliex®) or Polyesther and other customized functional barrier laminates


Film Thickness: from 120 to 400 µm.


> Use of pre-sterilized packaging material for ultra-clean / sterile applications;


> The technical areas are completely separated from the process area;


> Possibility to protect process area through LAF (Laminar Air Flow);


> Machine complying with standards for ultra-clean / sterile pharma packaging;


> Volumetric filling group equipped with single seal-less syringes;


> Suitable to dose thermo sensible products;


> Possibility to produce unit-doses with functional inserts (e.g. caps, droppers,…);


> The continuous band allows setting any number of containers for pack;

> The die cutting group cuts the continuous band in individual packas or in strip. This group is placed outside the clean room and it usually makes the link with the cartoning machine / downstream machinery;


> Low production costs, especially if compared to other existing technologies;


> Quick and easy size tool change-over;


> Easy cleaning and maintenance;


> Short time required to start and to stop the production.



The Thermoform, Fill & Seal machine, model SD15 is suitable to pack all liquid / semi-liquid products. Pharmaceutical applications: syrups, creams, gels, lotions, veterinary and pet-care products, nutraceuticals, vitamin supplements, eye-drops, oral vaccine, suspensions for inhalation, probiotics, etc.

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