Automatic vertical Thermoform, Fill & Seal machine for high output: up to 42.000 unit doses/hour made of plastic thermoforming materials for liquid and semi-liquid products.



Filling range: 0,5 – 150 ml.
Reel width: 120-300 mm.
Forming Depth: max 15 mm. on each side
Speed: up to 35 cycles/minute
Max Output: 42.000 unit doses/h.


Plastic films: PET/PE, PET/EVOH/PE, PS/PE, PS/EVOH/PE, PVC/PE, PVC/PVDC/PE, Monomaterials (PE, PET/PP)

Film thickness: from 150 to 500 µm, according to the specific single-serve shape


SD20 is a Vertical Thermoform, Fill & Seal machine which can produce unit dose containers in continuous band using the well-known Sarong technology. It can produce unit-dose packs, stand-up packs, special shapes with squeezable opening system
D20 is a great combination between the traditional mechanics/mechatronics and GMP requirements. The processing areas are completely separated from the mechanics and driving sections. The use of stainless steel to manufacture both the parts in contact with the product and the fixed and removable safety guards allowed to obtain a machine which can guarantee easy cleaning and proper maintenance procedures.
SD20 works under sanitary conditions and therefore it is suitable for food and pharmaceutical product packaging. It can work under laminar flow to guarantee a high sanitary level.

SD20 technology allows a fast size tool change over: molds can be changed when they are still hot. The pump group fitted on a trolley allows a fast product change drastically.The cantilever design of the machine allows easy access to all mechanics and tooling.



The Thermoform, Fill & Seal machine, model SD20 is suitable to pack all liquid and semi-liquid products. Home & Personal Care applications: air-fresheners for home and car use, deodorizers, anti-moth, dishwashing liquids and others.
The unit doses can have easy opening by manual tearing-off or peeling-off.

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