Automatic vertical Thermoform, Fill & Seal machine for low output: up to 9.600 unit doses/hour made of plastic thermoforming materials for liquid and semi-liquid products.


SD4 is a robust, accurate, mechanical modular machine designed to achieve high production rate, low noise levels, safe and hygienic performances.


Filling range: 1-30 ml
Reel width: max 118 mm
Reel Outer Diameter: max 280 mm
Reel Core Diameter: 76 mm
Pitch: 70 mm
Forming Depth: max 10 mm on each side
Speed: up to 40 cycles/minute
Max. Output: 9.600 unit doses/h


Plastic films: PET/PE, PET/EVOH/PE, PS/PE, PS/EVOH/PE, PVC/PE, PVC/PVDC/PE, PVC/PVDC/PP, PET/PP Film thickness: from 150 to 300 µm, according to the specific single-serve shape


> Optimized process allowing no waste during production and in case of machine stop;


> Thermoforming station (through compressed air blowing) to form containers in a continuous strip;


> Specific tooling for side sealing  of the two films: this method perfectly copies the profile of the cavity, ensuring uniform sealing;


> Easy connection to any cartoning machine / downstream line.

> Volumetric filling pump to fill the product into the container. The filling volume is automatically set through HMI. Different fillers can be used for special products;


> Pack positioning system to guarantee a perfect centering of sealing, forming and cutting;


> Continuous band production which allows setting any number of containers for pack;

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