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Sarong's thermoforming technology

Sarong can provide thermoforming machines with an output from 200 up to 700 capsules per minute, being able to process both plastic and compostable materials. On top of that, there is also the possibility of completing the process with fill & seal and secondary packaging machines, all in a single line, avoiding human manipulation, and increasing the overall efficiency

With Sarong’s thermoforming machines it is possible to adjust both the preheating temperature of the plastic material as well as the pressure operated by them.

The capsule molding process is regulated by a servo motor as well as all the main working motions. 

This manufacturing criteria allows high accuracy, which is kept costant along the time, high process reliability, reduced maintenance and limited compressed air consumption.

The aluminum and plexiglass structure of our thermoforming equipments favors the visibility of all components around the machine perimeter and easy access to the machine and its components.

> Sarong’s longstanding experience and knowledge about capsule manufacturing
> Sarong’s experience in thermoforming unit dose / single-serve packaging for different markets
> Co-development and thermoforming of proprietary capsules
> Consolidated technology for ‘’barrier capsules’’
> Reduced footprint
> Reduced number of transports and lower warehousing costs and environmental impact
> Low to High speed thermoforming machines for the most popular capsule systems on the market
> Complete capsule packaging line: Form, Fill and Seal + Cartoning + End of line machinery
> Plastic scraps: economic value for sale
> Possibility to work also compostable materials
> Format change parts: reduced investment and fast changeover procedures

Sarong assembly machines for coffee capsules

Thanks to its consolidated know-how of materials and processing of single serve containers, Sarong is capable to design and manufacture solutions for the assembly of components inside the capsule (such as filters or seals in paper, plastic or aluminum or any other brewing functional device).

The assembly process can be operated directly on the thermoforming machine or on the filling and sealing machine through dedicated processing station/s.
But in situations where the assembly operations are too many or too complicated to be performed onto the above mentioned processing machines, then a specific assembly machine is the most recommendable solution.

Sarong’s assembly machines have an output up to 700 capsules/min and can be connected in line up-stream with the thermoforming machine and/or down-stream with the filling-sealing machine.

Our assembly machines can assemble filters, seals and devices of different materials into the capsule and are designed according either to the conventional mechanical motion technology or the the innovative magnetic motion technology of the MAGNETA range of machines (pls see Magneta filling & sealing machine).

Sarong filling & sealing machines for cofee capsules

In 2019 Sarong decided to complete its Coffee Machines portfolio by adding a range of capsule filling and sealing machines using the “conventional” belt or chain conveying technology for medium-low speed, but also introducing a revolutionary technology for high speed, the MAGNETA. This filling machine is featuring the innovative capsule motion system through independent magnetic shuttles powered by a linear motor. 

This technology, already used in few pharma and food packaging solutions is now presented for the first time by Sarong as a game changer innovation in coffee capsule filling and sealing.


MAGNETA: filling & sealing machine with independent magnetic shuttles, available in 400, 800, 1000 capsules per minute versions.


The MAGNETIC SHUTTLE system offers high levels of FLEXIBILITY and EFFICIENCY and a unique plus, that no other provider of this kind of equipment can offer: SCALABILITY!


Sarong’s breakthrough innovation for filling and sealing any type of aluminum, plastic and compostable capsules to be filled with coffee powder, tea leaves and soluble products. With MAGNETA, Sarong replaces the traditional belt or chain conveying system – conventionally used to transport capsules through the machine – with independent magnetic shuttles powered by a linear motor.


For low to medium outputs (from 50 to 300 capsules per minute), Sarong offers filling and sealing machines with conventional capsule transport system.


These are taylor-made solutions, both linear and rotary, with the possibility of complete customization in terms of capsule type and dosed product (coffee, soluble product and leafs for infusions in general).


The lay-out is compact even in the configuration with the highest productivity.


In the linear machines, the translation by means of polyurethane toothed belts allows to avoid the usual maintenance operations necessary for the moving parts of traditional chains rollers that are also sensitive to dust and scraps produced during process.

In the rotary machines, the essential design and mechanical handling guarantee simplicity of operation and maintenance along with maximum reliability, making this type of equipment the most reliable solution to fill and seal soluble products.


The rows on which the capsules are positioned are independent, giving the possibility of excluding one or more of them. This allows the benefit of avoiding to stop production in its entirety, excluding only the lane where technical assistance is needed


The lid cutting and sealing systems has an innovative system for positioning the dies during the cutting phase by means of pneumatic cylinders, replacing the traditional reaction springs, therefore improving its performance and durability and allowing the possibility to work with different materials


We carefully keep your projects aligned with our concepts, which are based on creating sustainable custom packaging tailored to your needs.