Automatic vertical FFS Modular Line for packaging up to 12.000 suppositories/ovules per hour made of plastic (thermoforming process). Four independent modular units make up the line:


• PA 2000 – thermoforming unit, which winds out the two reels of plastic film and molds them (through compressed air blowing) to form cavities in a continuous strip.

SG 6 Rfilling unit, which fill the suppository mass into the cavities formed in the strip.

SG 6 Fcooling unit, which solidifies the suppository mass.

SG 6 Ssealing/cutting unit, which seals each cavity, stamps a code number, knurls strips and cuts the strip into any number of suppositories.


The SL 6 is a modular line and so you can consider purchasing single units as well.


Actually, an entry-level option for starting a suppository/ovule production can be represented by purchasing a SG 6 RFS, a modular FS machine which works from rolls of plastic pre-formed suppository cavities and includes the filling (SG 6 F), the cooling (SG 6 F) and the sealing/cutting unit (SG 6 S), leaving the PA2000 thermoforming unit as a second step of the investment.


Max. Output: 12.000 suppositories/h
Packaging materials:
Plastic film: PVC, PVC/PE, PVC/PVDC/PE
Product tank: 34 L, electrical heating, double – jacketed
Filling volume range: 0,5 – 3,6 ml
Cooling Time: 8 min. approx.

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